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  • RE: How do I make a dedicated server?

    @shumzzr Yes public IP for anyone outside of your router (connecting over the internet). If you have another computer on your router/LAN (in your house) you need to use the local IP.

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  • RE: gp boat help

    @bluecamo99 What part of the GP template do you find confusing?

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  • RE: gp boat help

    @bluecamo99 Have you seen the tutorials the Neal has put up on youtube?

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  • HydroSim v0.8.5.3

    It's been a while, but I've been busy working on lots of stuff, the big ones are the shared memory API for plugins and discord integration. It's now possible to retrieve telemetry, timing, course data, etc from HydroSim. This opens up the ability to integrate with exotic hardware like motion sims or haptic feedback devices as well as 3rd party software that can pull in telemetry/timing data. It is also possible to create live timing, hotlap recording, and server manager software, which is all planned to be implemented.

    A python SDK for retrieving data and sending commands has been implemented and is availabe @
    It can be installed with pip pip install hydrosim_sdk



    1. Fixed issues with loading the replay list and loading replays.
    2. Fixed issues with flat bottom buoys not showing up after changing courses on the server.
    3. Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause Shared Memory Data to stop.



    1. Fixed issue where all drivers would get disconnected when course was changed.
    2. Fixed issue when re-joining servers or switching between host/join where it would just get stuck at Synchronizing Buoys.
    3. Fixed session time display when joining server and session already ended.



    1. Fixed bug where some drivers weren't showing up in the race results on the server. I believe this was related to some other various issues that were popping up.
    2. Fixed gap distance calculations. The live lap speed also seems to be working better now.



    1. Shared Memory API
    2. Session transitions: sessions can now auto-transition to next session or restart.
    3. Added relative gaps driving aid display. This shows the distance of other boats relative to your boat. It also shows if the boat is to the left or right of you. Distance units can be toggled between feet and boat lengths in the Driving Aids settings.
    4. Added game credits.
    5. Can drive the boat and switch cameras in the main menu (why not?!)
    6. Added auto-reset buoys option for qualifying sessions.
    7. Added the session time remaining in the timing info HUD display.
    8. Added session transition countdown flag HUD.
    9. Added discord integration.
      a. Added Discord Rich Presence, the game will display rich presence status in discord.
      b. Added "Use Discord" toggle in the main menu to use your discord user ID/name/avatar when connecting to a game server.


    1. Enter key will now submit for most input fields.
    2. Fixed warbly doppler audio issues when in chopper/blimp cameras.
    3. All courses now report GPS bounds in metadata.
    4. Do not allow multiple clients to connect with the same Driver ID.
    5. Kick drivers earlier (before they get added to results list or server sends message that they connected) if handshake fails when connecting to server.

    Windows Download
    Linux Download

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  • HydroSim v0.8.4.1 K-Boats

    K Boats have been released!
    If you enjoy HydroSim and would like to contribute, please join




    1. Fixed a bug introduced in that made it so waves were not affecting boat physics.
    2. Fixed a bug where the water mask mesh on the K-Boat would get rendered when leaving and re-entering the course.



    1. K-boat is now fully modelled and textured.
    2. K-boat physics is now a bit more accurate.

    K-boat templates availble here (Engine will be added soon):


    1. Increased minimum speed allowed to reset the boat to 20mph.
    2. Added support for 3DC / DXN / BC5 normal map DDS texture formats (in Teams folders)
    3. Fixed some issues with code that combines meshes after selecting vehicle configurations that was causing meshes to render more than once.
    4. Added collision to splash particles to help block particles from entering the cockpit.

    Windows Download
    Linux Download

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  • RE: Does hydrosim work with steamVR headsets?

    @chrisv Oh, I think you messaged me on discord.

    Currently the OpenXR implementation isn't working, I need to try and sort it out. Only the Oculus VR is working right now.

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  • RE: servers

    @unleashed-super No clue, I heard second hand that someone was having issues getting a server working, I'm just assuming it's the same person.

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  • RE: servers

    @unleashed-super I don't think so, he was having technical difficulties setting up the server.

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  • RE: boat size

    @unleashed-super The Unlimited is about 30ft and the GP around 26ft

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  • RE: Force Feedback Progress?

    Yeah, those folders are hidden by default. However you can just copy/paste the path I posted into the File Explorer address bar as well.

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